Saturday, February 6, 2010

Haiti still needs your help

My teacher is heading out to Haiti on February 17. I am looking for donations to send over there with her. One of the major airliners is offering to ship everything over there free of charge. Their biggest need right now are sleeping bags and tents. The homes in Haiti were completely destroyed and the rain season is coming up quickly. They barely recovered from previous storms when the earthquake hit. Most people are sleeping amongst the rubbish and rubble. It would be nice to offer some of them, especially those with children, a sense of personal space and privacy during their great hour of need. Many bodies are still being moved and discovered, lying out in the streets. Having a small tent to shield their eyes from the situation even for a short amount of time can be of great comfort. I am sure blankets, tarps, airbeds, airpumps would also be acceptable sunstitutes, even if it is just a children's tent. Other important items we deeply needed are
cold medicine (for adults, children and infants)
diarrhea medicine (for adults, children, and infant)
Diapers (for adults and children of all sizes accepted)
feminine pads, tampons, and hygenic products
Here is a list of other supplies needed:
1st aide tape
adult allergy medicine
eye wash — Visine
grocery bags, the kind form Stop & Shop — as many as possible.
measuring things for dispensing — ml or oz
kids Tylenol
chewable vitamins for kids
bone setting things: casts, etc.
needles, catheters, etc.
If you want to help, you can contact the church directly at (860) 242-4660, or you can contact Creedible at and we will be happy to pick up your donations and deliver them to the church. You can also join the Good Samaritan’s Rebuilding Fund facebook page. Here is a link to my teacher's website to prove this is legitimate. Anything you can do to help is appreciated. Volunteers will continue to go to Haiti in weekly shifts for an entire year. Please remember to these people are helpless and could benefit from our abundance. We will be grateful to receive your support over the next
year to help turn this disaster around.

-Jessenia Cintron

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