Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celestial Marathon

By Mark Wilson

The society of heavens surround in craze
Seatin’ to watch this annual race
Bright darkness flashes in my face
Readyin’ for the long chase

A rocket pierces the vacuum quickly
I run the pace admirably
Solar winds flood my eyes violently
Invisible wings build on me so rudely

Beads of water appear from nowhere
As these slopes defies truth’s dare
Time slows into a glare
I swear I’m runnin’ on no air

Olympics fear where I stare
The unforgiving turbulence never cares
This undulation tests my inner hare
Losing sanity with each blare

An ocean of me spreads out slowly
Soakin’ my body freely
Yet the miles pile on steadily
As that finish line grows clearly

I walk the line in Faith’s pace
As I triumph by a face
My burnt vessel laughs in place
As I finally walk out of insanity’s maze

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