Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When Brother Obama (yes, I still claim him as part of my Black family) was elected, everyone who supported him actively or otherwise, had a agenda for him to pick up. This has always been true of the "First Black" anything. There is no way he could become all things to all people, let alone all Black People. In our hearts we have always known this to be true, but some folks hold on to the possibility anyway. The next move is for some folks to claim the person is not Black enough. I say, enough of that crap.

He will NEVER be able to do what everyone thinks he should be doing. There are bound to be people disappointed in his agenda and/or timetable. This too, is natural and we have waited a long time for this moment.

This is a part of the unresolved issue of American politics. Is an elected person someone whom you trust to do the right thing, or someone who does whatever you want, whenever you want it, no matter how many times you change your mind? (Sounds a little like finding the right mate, doesn't it?).

So my response is this: if you feel the issues that you hold most dear are important enough, keep on keeping on. My belief is that the people who criticize the loudest are the ones doing the least. President Obama just got the biggest job in the world. I still trust that he will make a difference.

Once again, this is my personal opinion.

Brother/Professor William H. Foster III

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