Tuesday, March 9, 2010


By Jessenia Cintron

There was a time when people could fly
But for generations we've been born with no wings
Just like you I wished to touch the sky
To reach the unattainable wishes that sleep within my belly
On a day just like any other my wings began to grow
The envy of those around me began to show
New joy gave hope to impossible dreams
And so I began to rise on lonely wings
I wanted to take you high with me
For love they said we'll rip these wings
Now here I am all alone
My beautiful wings are now tattered
The desire for us to fly burning deep within my heart
I hope that with time they will mend
But in the meantime I will build new wings
A pair for you & me
On these imperfect wings we'll build our future
And birth a new generation who we will teach to fly

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